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10 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins For Faster Page Speed - Search Engine Journal

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Images can make up a massive proportion of your page weight. And that means that optimizing them can make a great deal of difference in your site speed.

Given the importance of page speed for both search rankings and user experience, this is an area worth getting right.

On WordPress sites, image optimization plugins can make quick and consistent work of optimizing image size for page speed.

In this column, you’ll find 10 WordPress image optimization plugins you may want to try out. First, here’s why.

Google Wants You To Optimize Images & Speed

If this weren’t so important, Google wouldn’t be constantly telling website owners and SEO professionals to give the speed and performance of our sites more love.

If page speed wasn’t a great, big deal, Google wouldn’t have made it a ranking factor.

So there’s that.

Google has even created quantifiable metrics called Core Web Vitals to assist in measuring site speed and page experience.

Recently, the search engine also refreshed Google PageSpeed Insights to provide us with greater insight into how our sites perform in terms of speed and what actions we may take to improve it.

If you’ve been working with Google PageSpeed Insights, you may have noticed that often, the most impactful insights the tool gives you relate to the optimization of images.

If you were to implement just one of multiple insights the PSI tool gives you, image optimizations are likely the most effective.

Streamline the process with one of these tools.


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