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Why Website Speed Matters - Business 2 Community

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It’s Friday night, it’s been one of those weeks! You’re determined to shake it off for the weekend so you and your significant other go out to your favorite restaurant for dinner. You’ve been looking forward to this all week and you hardly have the patience for the car to be parked before you nearly run into the restaurant.

Once through the front door you arrive at the host desk giddy about the amazing evening you’re about to enjoy. Rather than the usual prompt smiling host that normally greats you as you enter, this time there’s no-one to greet you. A couple minutes go by and you start to look around the restaurant, a bit confused but you realize that they could be busy and someone is sure to arrive to greet and seat you, shortly.

Two minutes turns into five minutes when the assistant manager arrives and apologies for the wait and promptly takes you to your table. Whew, finally seated you don’t give another thought to the longer than usual wait to be seated. Especially, because the restaurant has been so consistently good in the past.

Now that you’re seated you’re anxiously waiting for your server to arrive and take your drink order, and after this week boy you’re really ready for a cocktail. You begin a conversation with your significant other. The conversation is terrific so you don’t realize how much time has passed. You glance at your watch and realize that you’ve been at your seat for over fifteen minutes and no one has taken a drink order.

Now you start to try to...

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