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Yoga Kawa Expands its Toronto Corporate Yoga Services with In-Person and Virtual Classes

Last updated Wednesday, December 29, 2021 13:46 ET , Source: Yoga Kawa

A Trusted and Reliable Partner for Many Canadian Corporates who Value their Employees’ Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Toronto, ON, Canada, 12/29/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Yoga Kawa, the leader in corporate yoga classes in Toronto is pleased to share that they have expanded their services and now provide both in-person and virtual classes. The Work from Home culture is here to stay for a majority of workers especially in the IT and corporate industry. For many organizations, one of the major concerns is their employee wellbeing. Yoga Kawa, the corporate yoga company in Toronto has been a reliable partner for many such organizations that design work for their employee well-being and foster a healthier and mindful corporate culture which leads to improved performance. Yoga Kawa takes its commitment further by offering both online and in-person yoga classes.

Yoga Kawa is a leading Toronto yoga institute offering corporate and condo yoga services
Yoga Kawa - Toronto Corporate Yoga

The sessions are conducted by certified yoga professionals. The lessons are designed to increase flexibility, energy, and mental focus of the employees. The exercises can be performed right at their desks, as a quick break, relax and de-stress. The yoga programs are designed to help companies achieve their goal. The well-integrated wellness programs don’t just improve the overall health of the employees but also reduce the healthcare cost, decrease employee absenteeism and help them manage stress and changes in the work environment. Interested corporates can now receive a free consultative call to discuss their goals and learn about the customized corporate yoga classes that Yoga Kawa can offer based on the workplace schedule, culture, budget, and office layout.

The corporate yoga classes are also tailored as per the employee's needs. The main aim is to make these classes fun, engaging and enjoyable. Yoga Kawa’s mission is to create programs for all body types, age, gender, fitness, and level of flexibility. Participants will also experience sessions that meet their specific needs with regards to mobility, relaxation, mediation, flexibility, balancing, strengthening, etc. Whether it is a single class targeting all the needs or multiple classes targeting each and every aspect in detail, the expert yoga instructors are capable to design a session as per the individual needs of the employees.

This quality is what makes the corporate yoga teachers of Yoga Kawa the best-in-class. Their smart office yoga classes in Toronto are conducted keeping in mind the space available. From lobbies to boardroom tables, hallway spaces, or at the work desks, the instructors can conduct a class anywhere with maximum efficiency. The trainers come to the workplace instead of the employees walking into the yoga studio. All they need is a place and time and the teachers are readily available to conduct yoga sessions, pilates, yoga-lates as well as meditation irrespective of the industry, employee group, space, or time.

To learn more visit https://www.yogakawa.com/corporate-yoga-classes/toronto/

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Yoga Kawa is a leading yoga institute offering corporate and condo yoga services. Founded by Echo Wang, a yoga enthusiast and lead trainer, the institute offers puppy yoga, corporate yoga, condo yoga, yoga teacher training services, guided meditation, and online yoga services.



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