Sunday, September 25, 2022

Google: Quality Of Your Languages On Your Multilingual Site Can Impact Each Other - Search Engine Roundtable

Last updated Monday, January 3, 2022 07:51 ET , Source: NewsService

Google's John Mueller confirmed on the December 31st SEO hangout that if you have multiple versions of your site (on the same domain name), and one version is deemed high quality by Google and the other version is deemed low quality by Google - the low quality version can negatively impact the high quality version. And yes, we should all know by now that quality is at the site level and significant portions of your site can impact other portions of that same site.

This came up at the 6:52 mark where an SEO asked "do you consider the language quality of each language version on the same domain independently or can there be some sort of negative or bad neighborhood effect so that if one language version is of poor quality, all the other language versions on the same domain suffer as well?"

John Mueller said the short answer is yes, and it is not necessarily about the site having different languages but about the site overall having sections that are low quality. John said "the main issue here is less about these being translated versions of the content but more that for some things we look at the quality of the site overall. And when we look at the quality of the site overall if you have significant portions that are lower quality, it doesn't matter so much for us like why they would be lower quality if they're just bad translations or if they're terrible content or whatever. But if we see that they're significant parts that are lower quality then we might think overall...

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