Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Chris Michael Cartmill Unveils SEO Influencer App And Blueprint To Help Businesses Boost Sales - Digital Journal

Last updated Tuesday, January 4, 2022 21:45 ET , Source: NewsService

The SEO marketing blueprint contains secrets derived from a marketing strategy that has generated $13 million in sales while the MyRep app is a premium influencer database with amazing features that allow it to serve as a digital storefront

January 4th, 2022 – Chris Micheal Cartmill is delighted to announce that businesses and online influencers struggling to improve their online presence and boost sales, can rely on its proven SEO strategy to take their operations to new heights. The brand announced this while unveiling a marketing blueprint which it says contains the secrets of its strategy, and also introduced a new SEO influencer app which it named MyRep.

According to Chris Micheal Cartmill, the SEO blueprint which is currently available for purchase for only $4.95, contains a detailed breakdown of the strategies and SEO secrets that have helped the brand raise over $13 million in sales for its clients. The educational product was designed in an easy-to-understand manner so just about anyone can learn and apply the tricks contained to improve their online presence and ultimately boost sales phenomenally.

Although yet to be launched, the MyRep app was designed as a premium influencer database and packs impressive features that make it a revolutionary digital storefront for influencers. According to the details contained in a pdf presentation available on the brand’s website, the MyRep app houses multiple features all created to help influencers better organize, manage,...

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