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Getting one of your blog posts ranked #1 on Google isn’t as difficult as you may think!

Backlink research is the secret to understanding what anchor text is needed to rank higher than your competition.

SEOJet has done hours and hours of backlink research on your behalf. That way we can give you the best advice to start boosting your SEO.

Our team literally analyzed every backlink on every page that ranked #1. We did a ton of random searches and noted everything we found.

By the end, our team couldn’t see straight anymore and we started thinking the word “Google” was fake. The process was very long and super boring but it told us everything we needed to know about ranking content.

A key conclusion of our research was that many blog posts often ranked #1 on Google!

It wasn’t just homepages or individual webpages, blogs were doing it too.

Blogs did it by reaching a certain word count (based on SEO studies long-form content over 2,000 words ranks higher), getting links from high authority domains, and being shared across the web.

Blog posts ranking #1 on Google had one anchor text in common: the blog post title.

That’s right! Each of these high-ranking blogs used the post title as their anchor text!

What is “blog post title anchor text” and how did it work so well? It sounds like cheating but it worked like a charm.

Page title anchor just means the anchor text was the meta title of the page being linked to.

If, for example, you were looking at...

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