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Google constantly updates its algorithm. This year alone, they’ve announced 12 significant updates.

But, of course, it doesn’t include the hundreds of minor updates Google has made to its search engine.

Could these updates affect the performance of your landing pages? Absolutely.

Adjusting to these constant changes is about more than just optimizing your content for the SERPs.

On December 15, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at Semrush.

Oberstein showed how to improve the SEO of your landing pages and increase conversions with a set of data-backed tips you can put into practice today.

Want more of the details, data, and tips from Oberstein’s presentation? Here is a quick recap of the webinar.

How Landing Pages & SEO Have Changed

People are more tech aware and skeptical now, as observed with the increase in data privacy and security searches in recent years.

Similarly, Google is becoming more aware and skeptical of the content coming out.

People and search engines are looking for a good experience with real information.

However, ranking your landing pages isn’t just about the information contained on a single page.

It’s important to think about how your landing pages reflect and connect to your website, overall.

The Ability To Rank Landing Pages Depends On The Site Overall

It’s not just about the landing pages. John Mueller has talked about how quality applies to the entire site many times.

It’s clear that Google...

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