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For years title tags were the primary element of organic search optimization. They helped Google match search queries to web pages, and they were the most prominent part of result-page snippets, with the query in bold.

Titles remain important for SEO. But a lot has changed, and little is straightforward.

What Is a Title Tag?

A title tag is an HTML element that should describe the page’s purpose so that humans and search engines quickly understand. It also appears as the name of a browser tab.

Google has slowly decreased the importance of title tags in search.

  • Titles no longer display the search query in bold within the snippet, attracting fewer clicks.
  • Exact-match keywords are less important, as Google often uses synonyms and related terms when it understands the searcher’s intent.
  • Google will often rewrite titles in the search snippet.

Note the screenshot below for the search query “hiking trails clifton park.” Google interprets the query and provides results for Saratoga Springs, near Clifton Park. Moreover, Google suggests an alternative activity (“running” instead of hiking) and a synonym (“walking”).

A few years ago, a web page had to contain the exact query in the title tag to rank. No more.

How to Optimize Title Tags

Despite the changes, title tags help Google understand the page and thus remain an important SEO element.

But Google’s use of titles is not as obvious.

Instead of matching the search query to words in the titles, Google can now understand the...

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