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Talk of how the pandemic has changed the way we do things won’t be getting old any time soon. Even as we adjust and begin learning to navigate our post-COVID reality, you can count on it to still cause more significant shifts, especially in business.

How much more will the landscape change as we flux between opening up and lockdowns brought about by surges? How will these impact the trajectory of small businesses? How will they scale without teetering on the edge of closing?

With these insights, your business can be prepared for this coming year.

1. Protecting consumer data privacy

In the Philippines (as with the rest of the world), e-commerce is booming.

During last December’s Philippine Startup Week 2021, citing data from Google, Temasek, and Bain and Company, these key figures regarding the Philippines’ e-commerce scene were reported:

  • 132% e-commerce growth in the past year;
  • New digital consumers are up to 12 million, and;
  • 99% of digital consumers are likely to continue using e-commerce.

But while those figures spell out hope for Philippine MSMEs, they also point out challenges. Small businesses can look forward to recovering from the blows of the pandemic but not without adequate support.

To start things off, there’s an increasing concern about data privacy. In response to loudening calls for better data privacy protection online, tech giants are slowly rolling out their own restrictions for data tracking.

Apple, for instance, rolled out the iOS 14 security update...

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