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3 ways to check technical SEO health issues on your website - Search Engine Land

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No matter how great your content is, your website’s ranking and traffic will suffer if there are unresolved technical issues. That’s why SEOs need to routinely check the health of their properties.

“Technical SEO needs to be aware of and support all functions of the business that have anything to do with the website,” said Ashley Berman Hale, VP, professional services at Deepcrawl, during her session at SMX Next. “We are nothing if we don’t have the support, the buy-in and the understanding of the challenges of our colleagues and what they need.”

This need to be aware of other digital business functions highlights technical SEO’s importance in organizations. Without solid technical practices in place, other parts of the website will experience issues, which could affect your bottom line.

“You have to have a return on your investment,” she said. “It has to be sustainable — you have to be able to grow in a way that allows you to not just manage tech debt, but to innovate and become best in class. That’s what you need to succeed in organic search.”

Taking control of your website means pinpointing the most pressing technical issues. Here are three ways Hale recommends marketers check their site’s SEO health.

Analyze website crawling

“Crawling is driven by links, it’s how the Internet works,” Hale said. ”It’s one of the most powerful assets you have when working on your site. Your links are a way for you to determine what pages are the most important content, and not all of...

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