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Does Google Use Analytics and Chrome Data for Ranking? - Search Engine Journal

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Google’s John Mueller answered whether Google uses Google Analytics data (like bounce rate and time on site) as well as whether Google uses Chrome browser data for ranking purposes. His answers couldn’t be clearer or direct.

Chrome Data For Ranking Purposes?

A person at the Google Office-hours hangout asked if Google used Chrome data for ranking purposes. It’s unclear what kind of “data” the person is asking about though.

He could have been inquiring about traffic data because there is an idea that Chrome tracks traffic data and some believe that Google uses traffic as a ranking factor.

In 2013 someone blogged a Brighton SEO presentation featuring three ex-Googlers.

The blogger mistakenly published that Chrome is tracking traffic to websites for ranking purposes.

That information then made it to someone’s speculative list of 200 ranking factors where he lists direct traffic as a ranking factor, without having fact-checked the video to hear what was actually said.

I fact-checked it and the ex-Googler definitely did not say that Chrome uses traffic data as a ranking factor. It’s a 100% total fabrication.

Does Google Chrome Collect Data for Ranking Purposes?

Which leads us to a question posed by the person at the Google SEO-Office hours, where someone asks if Google uses Chrome data for ranking.


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