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Finding & Fixing Google Blocklist Warnings - Security Boulevard

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When a website is added to a blocklist by blocklist authorities it can be painfully stressful for their business. SEO rankings take a dive, and loss in revenue/traffic is hit even harder if not resolved quickly. In this article we’ll be discussing what blocklists are exactly, why you should consider them when starting a website, and how to identify & rectify if you’re on any.

What is a Google blocklist?

Blocklists are essentially a database which uses pieces of information to determine if an IP or domain is sending malicious messages or hosting malicious content. Google’s blocklist (also known as a “blacklist”) is a list of sites they deem suspicious, and mark as “not secure to visit.”

There are many anti-virus companies that also have their own blocklists too, these are all known as “blocklist authorities,” or “blacklist authorities.” They employ crawlers, bots, and other proprietary tools that independently explore websites, and add the dangerous ones to their blocklist index. It’s important to note Google’s blocklist is very different from being deindexed.

There are some occasions where a site may be blocklisted, but in fact be an incorrect listing by the blocklist authority, this is what’s known as a “false-positive”. Some vendors have a higher false positive rate than others. Google tends to be the lowest and most accurate.

Why blocklists matter & why they occur

Due to the ever more wily nature of the web, blocklists help the average user avoid being phished,...

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