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Google introduces new feature that might just help brands to get some attention - Digital Information World

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Google has been the go to place for people whenever they want to search about something on the internet. Weather it is an item they want to buy, or it has something to do with their chemistry homework, everyone just like to “Google” it.

Google works on a basic algorithm that recognizes keywords and gives you the best possible outputs by comparing your input and its database. Moreover, the order in which these websites or links are shown totally depend upon their SEO rankings and thus having a good ranking would mean that you will be featured in the top search lists.

Google has been around for a really long time, and it has been nothing short of amazing. It has done so many things for the community and now they’ve come up with a new feature that would help brands and restaurants to get some attention that would help them to grow more and more.

They’ve launched a new “Shops” section, as spotted by Khushal Bherwani. Whenever someone would search something on their phones, a new option would come up where they can shop for different products. The option would show them a minimum of 3 sellers and it can be expanded up to 10 depending upon the user. This “shop” option would be available in the U.S for the time being.

I saw "Shops" in mobile serp. And shows ecommerce sites in "Shops" feature. Is this new? CC @rustybrick @JohnMu #mobile#shop pic.twitter.com/GZEMEz7R6e

— khushal Bherwani (@b4k_khushal) January 1, 2022

Google, in its last two years has expanded its shopping related...

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