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Google: Nofollow Is Not A Substitute For Noindex - Search Engine Journal

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Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller advises that the nofollow link attribute isn’t a substitute for the noindex directive.

Googlebot is capable of can finding and indexing nofollowed links. So it should not be used in hopes of keeping a page out of Google’s search index.

This topic is discussed during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout recorded on January 7.

Mueller addresses a submitted question asking if rel=”nofollow” can be used as noindex.

The person who submitted the question notes they’ve been nofollowing internal links to pages that they don’t want indexed in search results.

While there won’t be any issues caused by doing that, adding a nofollow attribute to internal links won’t prevent the pages from being indexed in search results.

See more from Mueller on this subject in the section below.

Nofollow Does Not Equal Noindex

When asked if rel=”nofollow” can be used to keep a page out of Google’s search index, Mueller says:

“No. Essentially, nofollow tells us not to pass any PageRank to those pages, but it doesn’t mean that we will never index that page. So if you really want a page to be blocked from indexing, make sure it has a noindex on it.

Don’t rely on us not accidentally running across a random link to that page. So I would not assume that those two are the same.”


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