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How to Get More Clicks on Google in 2022 - Los Cerritos News

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If you have access to your website’s back-end analytics, you’ll be able to see just how many people visit your website after finding you on Google. It’s likely that this gateway is the most common portal through which people reach your website – so if you’re looking to increase your traffic further, it’s wise to invest in how you’re seen and found on Google. This article shares some key advice for those who are interested in generating more clicks on Google in 2022.

Text Editing

When you set up your website, you’ll have made certain subheadings, and you’ll have written the text, which appears in a lighter share of gray, that follows beneath them. This text is important for both how you’re found and how you’re seen on Google, because Google uses this text to match with search queries made by users. For instance, if a user Googles “Men’s shoes”, a product you sell, it’s important that your web text uses these keywords.

If you don’t, you’re less likely to pop up on Google when relevant queries are inputted into Google’s search bar – losing you traffic and potential custom. As such, making these edits in your website’s back end is incredibly important. If that’s not something you know how to do, watch a YouTube tutorial, or hire a web designer to help you make those important edits.


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