Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Is It Better For SEO To Have Your Blog Onsite Or Off? - Search Engine Journal

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Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Sophia in Australia, who asks:

“Is it better to run a blog that links back to your company website for SEO, or have articles already on your website that contain the same information you would write in a blog?”

Sophia, this is a great question. From a pure SEO perspective, having the blog on your website in a subdirectory is preferred.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some valid reasons for keeping the blog separate, though.

For example, sometimes it is easier to set up a blog on one of the many blogging platforms versus the main website’s CMS. Having the blog separate might also give you more flexibility in the topics you cover and the tone and voice used.

However, as you noticed, these are not SEO reasons to keep the blog separate. Instead, they are all business-focused.

So, why is it better for SEO to keep the blog on the main site? Here are a few reasons.

1. It Builds Links To Your Main Website

Backlinks still matter when it comes to getting pages ranked in search results because links are one of the many ranking factors.

If you’ve spent any time building links, you know that it is not an easy process. However, content has been – and continues to be – one of the best ways to attract links to a website.

You can use your blog to post how-to guides,...

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