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PPC 101: Terms to Know - JumpFly PPC Advertising News

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What is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of online advertising in which advertisers run ads on platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Yahoo and pay the publisher a fee every time their ad is clicked.

PPC is a great way for advertisers to reach their target audience, develop brand awareness, and drive profit. However, if you’re wanting to dip your toes in, there are some basic terms you’ll need to know.

Bid: The amount of money you are willing to spend for a single click on any given ad.

Bounce Rate: Percentage of people that enter your website and leave without visiting any other page.

Broad Match: Ads may show on searches that relate to your keyword, even searches that don’t have your keywords in them. Currently the “loosest” of all the match types (see Match Type).

Broad Match Modified: Shown with a + in front of each or some of the keywords (example: +red +shoes). A plus indicates the word needs to be somewhere in the search term. This match type still exists but is being sunset by Google and Microsoft; broad-match-modified keywords are currently running but cannot be created new.

CTA (Call-to-Action): The action you want a viewer to take (eg. buy now, sign up today, learn more, etc.).

Click: Occurs when a user clicks on one of your ads.

Conversion: Occurs when a website visitor completes a desired goal, such as purchasing your product, booking your service, or filling out a form. Tracking conversions requires some coding setup.


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