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Why server logs matter for SEO - Search Engine Land

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The majority of website operators are unaware of the importance of web server logs. They do not record, much less analyze their website’s server logs. Large brands, in particular, fail to capitalize on server log analysis and irretrievably lose unrecorded server log data.

Organizations that choose to embrace server log analysis as part of their ongoing SEO efforts often excel in Google Search. If your website consists of 100,000 pages or more and you wish to find out how and why server logs pose a tremendous growth opportunity, keep reading.

Why server logs matter

Each time a bot requests a URL hosted on a web server a log record entry is automatically created reflecting information exchanged in the process. When covering an extended period of time, server logs become representative of the history of requests received and of the responses returned.

The information retained in server log files typically include client IP address, request date and time, the page URL requested, the HTTP response code, the volume of bytes served as well as the user agent and the referrer.

While server logs are created at every instance a web page is requested, including user browser requests, search engine optimization focuses exclusively on the use of bot server log data. This is relevant with regard to legal considerations touching on data protection frameworks such as GDPR/CCPA/DSGVO. Because no user data is ever included for SEO purposes, raw, anonymized web server log analysis remains...

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