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Google’s search results pages are evolving. New elements and sections present organic-traffic opportunities. One of the most useful is “People also ask.” It’s a standalone section on the results page that lists users’ questions related to the query.

According to Mozcast, “People also ask” appears in more than 85% of searches.

Google implies that the questions could give searchers additional research ideas, stating, “These questions are related to your search terms and may be helpful as a next step.”

Google has obtained a U.S. patent on selecting questions for “People also ask.” Essentially it relies on actual searches in a question format.

That means the ‘People also ask’ section reflects potential buying journeys of your prospects and thus is very helpful when optimizing for just about any keyword query.

Using ‘People also ask’

When choosing a keyword to target, click through several questions in the “People also ask” box. Note that every click triggers more questions.

In the example below, clicking on “What is the best most affordable laptop?” produces queries related to a Chromebook and the best laptop brand.

However, clicking “Which laptop is best for middle class family?” results in an option for a child.

Clicking “What laptop should I buy for my child?” produces selections for homeschooling and a laptop for a 10-year-old.

Imagine a target customer clicking these questions. What is her buying journey? Can you optimize your ecommerce site for all of these...

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