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By Ashita Aggarwal

Feature this. You have to buy a new vacuum cleaner for your home and are unsure what model or brand will fulfill your need. Will you go to the store? Or seek information on Google? Or will you look for a suitable model and brand on Amazon?

Research with consumers worldwide on ‘where they search for products’ published in April 2021 states that 38% of consumers search Amazon as a first choice, and just about 40% go to search engines. It was a widespread belief that Amazon capitalizes on consumers who already know what they want. But today, customers use Amazon as their first landing platform.

Why is Amazon replacing Google?

1. In times of information obesity, Amazon is easier to search as it gives products and brand options that are most suited to one’s need and search, hence simplifying the search process.

2. Amazon’s algorithm can trace a person’s past searches and post the most relevant search options.

3. The review from other customers helps in the evaluation of various options.

4. Amazon also recommends different sellers for purchase, giving customers a width of possibilities. It also suggests bundling opportunities for the consumer.

Customers today are seeking convenience and superior experiences. The classic information processing model examines the individual's search and evaluation process and how they make sense of all information around them. Though Google may give the information on the company website and all possible articles written about...

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