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How a couple of ex-Googlers are trying to fix what’s wrong with search engines - The Next Web

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There’s no doubt that for most folks on the internet, search is synonymous with Google. However, there’s a small yet growing audience that wants a privacy-first search experience with little or no ads. That’s where Neeva comes in.

This new search engine from ex-Googlers, Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, guarantees two things: an ad-free experience and advanced features for all its customers.

What’s on offer?

The company launched last year with a subscription-only model. This cost $4.95 per month.

Now it’s trying to expand its footprint with a free tier. It will offer ad-free search with customizations, and integration to accounts such as Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Dropbox. People who’re paying for Neeva’s services will get all of this, a leading third-party VPN and a password manager service, and advanced features, like a monthly Q&A

As far as search engine features go, Neeva offers customizations, such as being able to see particular sites in results more or less. You can also ‘skip’ an ecommerce site in results, or get the whole recipe for a dish without having to visit a site.

What’s more, the new search engine lets your look through your email right from the search bar. And if you install Neeva’s extension, it also blocks ad trackers that are collecting your browsing data.

Last October, Neeva also launched a 1-click Fasttap search geared towards mobile where users just need to type a phrase to get accurate search results. It’s like Google auto-complete...

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