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IndexNow now officially co-sharing URLs between Microsoft Bing and Yandex - Search Engine Land

Last updated Thursday, January 13, 2022 12:30 ET , Source: NewsService

The Microsoft Bing team said that the IndexNow protocol is now at a place where those participating are co-sharing URLs submitted, meaning if you use IndexNow to submit URLs to Microsoft Bing, Microsoft will immediately share those URLs with Yandex, the company announced.

Co-sharing URLs. The promise of IndexNow was to submit a URL to one search engine via this protocol and not only will that search engine immediately discover that URL, but it will also be discovered on all the other participating search engines. Right now, that is just Microsoft Bing and Yandex, but Google is exploring using this protocol.

Microsoft said “the IndexNow protocol ensures that all URLs submitted by webmasters to any IndexNow-enabled search engine immediately get submitted to all other similar search engines. As a result of co-sharing URLs submitted to IndexNow-enabled search engines, webmasters just need to notify one API endpoint. Not only does this save effort and time for webmasters, but it also helps search engines in discovery, thus making the internet more efficient.”

Microsoft said that Bing “has already started sharing URLs from IndexNow with Yandex and vice-versa, with other search engines closely following suit in setting up the required infrastructure.”

When this first launched, the participating search engines have not yet begun co-sharing URLs – but now they are.

IndexNow API. Also, you no longer need to submit the URLs to...

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