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10 Ways to Adjust Your Current Marketing Strategies for Today's Consumers - Small Business Trends

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Lots of businesses use techniques like SEO and social media marketing. But they don’t all use them in the same way. In fact, you may sometimes need to adjust how you use these platforms and concepts to effectively communicate with today’s consumers. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for making these adjustments.

Use SEO Techniques to Improve Your Writing

SEO isn’t just about bringing new visitors to your site. The techniques can also help you get directly to the point and use relevant wording. So it can actually improve your writing. Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well elaborates on the point here.

Organize Your Content with Enterprise Content Management

Content marketing isn’t just about sharing a few posts here and there. Once you have an extensive library of valuable content, you need a way to organize it. That’s where enterprise content management comes in. Learn more in this MyTechMag post by Elizabeth Cole.

Avoid These Referral Marketing Mistakes

Referral marketing allows you to build a client base thanks to word of mouth. But sometimes you need to give current customers an incentive to refer friends and family. To make the most of your strategy, read the insights in this Pixel Productions post by Shivani Goyal. Then head to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Create a New Design Concept

Graphic design can make a huge impact on your marketing efforts. But before you can finalize your next campaign, you need a design...

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