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10 Things to Check Before Launching a Website - Entrepreneur

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Here are some critical pre-flight steps, from proofreading to validating code to adding sitemaps.

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Successfully launching a website is no easy feat. Almost inevitably, just when it looks as though yours is ready to go live, it turns out that eagerness got the better of you and you almost published something incomplete. Even a small mistake can alter the way people view a website and the products associated with it. And sure, you can correct it later if the site is for yourself, but if you’re producing one for a client, you need to make sure everything runs smoothly from day one — that even the smallest mistakes are addressed before they become major problems.

Here are handy ways I’ve found to ensure just that.

1. Check on various browsers

This one can’t be stressed enough. Always check if things are looking and working as they’re supposed to on numerous browsers, with Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox just a few you should test. Because, even if a site looks perfect when using Chrome, it might look like complete gibberish elsewhere, so never assume anything in this respect.

2. Don’t forget titles and metadata

Your page title is not only important for SEO reasons, but also because it offers future visitors the first glimpse of what they can actually find, so set a meta title for each page before you launch, and make sure it relates to the page's content. Try to also include metadata, such as descriptions...

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