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How to Use Keyword Difficulty in Your Content Strategy - Entrepreneur

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Proven techniques to help assess a keyword difficulty score correctly and use it effectively in overall SEO efforts.

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Targeting proper keywords is as crucial to successfully operate a website as creating eye-catching images or coming up with a winning URL. To assess which keywords are or are not worth targeting, webmasters use various tools and techniques — by far the most popular the keyword difficulty score. It’s important that you opt for low-scoring keywords only, as the higher the rating, the more difficult that given keyword is to target and exploit properly.

What is it, and why should you care about it

Keyword difficulty is one of the most basic SEO metrics — a rating that tells you how hard it would be to target a given keyword and optimize your webpage. The higher the score, the more difficult it would be to achieve decent results while focusing on a given keyword, which also means that it would be harder for you to win against the competition and invite new customers to try out your products. So, when conducting an SEO process, you should try to use lowest-ranking keywords.

But why?

A high-ranking keyword means more of your competitors are actively trying to rank for that keyword, and that means achieving decent results would be difficult for a smaller, independent website, because competition is tough, and opponents may very well have better SEO teams. Ranking for a highly-rated keyword might be...

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