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Hafta letters: Word limit, NL’s tech reportage, podcast length - Newslaundry

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Hi NL team,
I'll keep it short. I recently watched Rana Ayyub's interview on a YouTube channel called Unscripted. She pointed out that she had asked all the major media houses to publish her tapes from her undercover work related to the riots in Gujarat. But no one agreed to the same.
Madhu Trehan at that time had tweeted, while she was working at Newslaundry, that she offered to publish such tapes during her interview with Rana Ayyub, but she refused and that such an offer was on video record – a claim that Ayyub has refuted and something even I couldn't find on the video as well, at least on the one which is available on the Newslaundry channel. Would you mind clearing the air on it?
I have been following your work since the days of Clothesline and I truly believe in it, so some clarification would be highly appreciated.
Hi there,
Abhinandan your commodities related Economist recommendation piqued my interest. Having worked for India’s largest zinc manufacturer 10 years ago, I do know a very small bit about the related industries. If that article is true, my former employers may become among the wealthiest in India in 10 years time, surpassing the Adanis and Ambanis.
I think you have an interesting story in your hands to explore, if you ask me. As people in the mining industry will tell you; the smelted metal is worth nothing much. It’s the ore that makes you a billionaire.
Countries like Congo...

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