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How to analyze your SEO competitors and find opportunities - Search Engine Land

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Understanding your competitors can give you tactical insights to help you discover opportunities.

Before competing, athletes spend many hours understanding weaknesses to exploit and finding possible gaps in the playing field.

Your digital marketing should come with the same level of insight and analysis.

Identifying and reviewing your competitors can help you come up with a strong list of potential keywords, find link building opportunities and build your persona profiles.

Starting your competitor analysis

When putting together a competitor analysis, it is important to make sure that your analysis tells you:

  • What a competitor is doing.
  • How they are doing it.
  • What factors they are most excelling at in their SEO strategy.
  • What are their gaps.

Using this information, it is possible to create strategies at scale that will help you exceed your competitors and get higher rankings.

The first step is to assess the bigger picture of your competitors. You can start by using Google and typing in the main keywords to see what sites show up in the rankings.

Next, you can use tools to help you drill down into your competitor analysis process.

Identify your competitors

You can use Semrush to give you a starting point to identify your competitors.

In the Organic Research report, click on the Competitors tab.

You can use this as a starting point to figure out who your main competitors are.

Some of the data points that can help you in this research are:

  • Competition Level: Analysis of...

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