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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on different sectors has been a hot subject of discussion for the last few years, and with great reason. It has constantly prompted curious minds to dig deeper and discover how it can be leveraged to assist humans in the most appropriate ways. AI has already charted its territory in several fields such as robotics, medicine, and customer services, among others. Now, it’s high time for search engine optimization (SEO) to benefit from this wonder.

Find out from the guide below how AI will influence the future of SEO and what digital marketers can do to integrate these latest technologies to stay on the top of their game.

Amplifying visual content for SEO will gain importance

As per Sam Mallikarjunan, the Head of Growth, HubSpot Labs, SEO will be significantly influenced by visual content in the near future. AI has turned search engines intelligent enough to understand how to evaluate visual content, particularly in cases of videos. Google not only favors YouTube videos, but the emergence of AI has made it possible for the search engine to showcase the most relevant videos. This transition will change the scenario for visual content creators. The way content writers had to evolve and learn to use target keywords, meta descriptions, and meta tags, visual artists will have to consider SEO when creating content like videos and images.

Optimize your website for mobile and voice search

If you are considering SEO for just web browsing on...

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