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Google Cloud Introduces Media CDN for Content Delivery - InfoQ.com

Last updated Saturday, May 14, 2022 01:46 ET , Source: NewsService

Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Media CDN, a content delivery network targeted to media and entertainment companies. The streaming platform supports advertising insertion and AI/ML analytics.

While Cloud CDN has been available for many years for web and API acceleration on Google Cloud, the new service adds specific media and streaming capabilities. Media CDN is based on three main components: EdgeCacheService, to segment streaming media as metadata and video segments, Cloud Storage origin, to process segmented video from segment storage service and Load balancer origin, to handle media metadata for lookup and delivery. Shailesh Shukla, VP and general manager at Google Cloud, explains some of the benefits:

In addition to running on planet-scale infrastructure, Media CDN tailors delivery protocols to individual users and network conditions. Media CDN includes out-of-the-box support for QUIC (HTTP/3), TLS 1.3, and BBR, optimizing for last-mile delivery . When the Chrome team rolled out widespread support for QUIC, video rebuffer time decreased by more than 9% and mobile throughput increased by over 7%.

Media CDN supports Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Google Kubernetes Engine backends and it can retrieve content from any HTTP-capable origin, including buckets outside of Google Cloud.

Cache configuration allows customers to define how the content is cached for each route, defining behavior based on the type of content, client request...

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