Tuesday, July 5, 2022

China-Pakistan cooperating to upgrade mango production: Wang Yan - Daily Times

Last updated Sunday, May 29, 2022 01:37 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Chinese and Pakistani experts are trying to find opportunities for cooperation to improve mango production in Pakistan by using advanced facilities and technology. “With our advanced facility agriculture, I believe that if there is an opportunity for cooperation, we will be able to systematically improve the reduction of mango production in Pakistan due to extreme weather,” said Wang Yan, General Manager of Yangling Qingpita Garden Dragon fruit Demonstration Base, in an interview with China Economic Net.
He said that once the water and fertilizer integrated greenhouse is built; the service life is generally more than 15 years, with high economic benefits. “With global warming, extreme weather is likely to occur more frequently in the future, a long-term stable growth environment can fundamentally minimize the damage caused by natural disasters.
In addition, application of organic fertilizers to increase soil organic matter is also a top priority because extreme weather can also cause serious damage to the topsoil.
“If we can work together with Iron Brother, we will start with the greenhouse and soil, and achieve a two-pronged approach. Considering the relative high cost of integrated greenhouse, building a simple rain shelter with steel wire and plastic film can be a good choice for local farmers. When the weather is fine, the shelter can be removed, and in case of extreme weather such as storms and hail, they can unfold the ‘umbrella’ made of plastic film. This low-cost...

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