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PHHSA Stresses Need For Using Hi Tech Hybrid Seeds For Bumper Crops: Shahzad Ali Malik - UrduPoint - UrduPoint News

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ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Jun, 2022 ) :Chairman Pakistan Hi Tech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA) Shahzad Ali Malik Thursday stressed the need of using hi-tech hybrid seeds in all crops for bumper production to avert looming food insecurity in the wake of Russia-Ukraine war.
Chairing an executive committee meeting here, he said that Pakistan was an agricultural state which was backbone of her economy.
He said in the given alarming and worried some challenges of global inflation,we must transform our agriculture sector on modern scientific lines to meet ever increasing food staple needs of over growing population by fully ensuring bumper crops, according to a press release issued here.
He said Russia's invasion of Ukraine leaves few agricultural markets untouched and threatens food security for millions in and outside the Black Sea region.
He noted with great concern that the war had curtailed food exports from Ukraine and Russia, particularly wheat, maize, and sunflower oil, increasing the prices of these commodities; driven up demand for substitute products, including alternative cooking oils; and reduced exports of fertilizer from the Black Sea, shifting the quantity and nature of crops producers plan to grow worldwide. He said the high cost of energy adds upward pressure to food and fertilizer prices.
He said initially twenty countries have imposed food-export bans in attempt to limit the impact of high food prices on domestic populations, while...

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