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Leading US Investors look towards Pakistan’s emerging market - Dispatch news Desk

Last updated Friday, June 24, 2022 06:04 ET , Source: TopWireNews

WASHINGTON: The leading US investors have shown a keen interest in exploring business opportunities in Pakistan.
A delegation of Institutional Investment, a top-notch US investment company that includes banks, credit unions, government-linked companies, pension funds, charities, hedge funds, REITs, investment advisors, endowments, and mutual funds as its clients met Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan in Washington.
The US investors included Arlington County Employees’ Retirement System, Mission Square Retirement, Fairfax County Police Officers’ Retirement System, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Pennsylvania State University, Matthew Asia, T. Rowe Price, Metlife Investment Management, and others.
During the meeting with the ambassador, they asked questions related to setting up business in Pakistan in various areas including infrastructure, IT, Fintech, agriculture, retail market, telemedicine, robotics and services.
They also inquired about Pakistan’s strategy for ensuring food security and meeting various requirements in the wake of Pakistan serving as regional hub for connectivity and trade.
Talking to the leading US investors, Masood Khan has said that the emerging market of 220 million people with its unique geo-economic location serves as an ideal destination for the US investors and business community not only to undertake profitable business ventures within Pakistan but also to relocate their value chains to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of the Country...

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