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Govt urged to tailor a policy to modernise agriculture sector - Daily Times

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Chairman Pakistan Hi Tech Hybrid Seed Association Shahzad Ali Malik Thursday urged the government to tailor a viable strategy for rapid modernisation of agriculture sector on scientific lines for higher yield to meet food staple needs of population in the wake of Russia-Ukraine conflict and climate change.
Chairing an executive committee meeting of association here, he said agriculture sector is a backbone of the country’s economy and is expected to boost to 3.9pc during upcoming year.
He said agriculture sector posted growth of 4.4pc against the last year growth of 3.5pc while production of important crops including sugarcane, rice and maize achieved record production with impressive increase in per acre yield by using quality hi tech hybrid seeds.
He said revival of both these crops would not only support growth momentum but will also ease out balance of payment pressure through less imports of food grains.
It is pertinent to mention here that during the current fiscal year agriculture sector exceeded its envisaged targets. He said if government make it fully ensure 100pc use of hi-tech hybrid seeds in rice and maize crops across the country that will guarantee triple production substantially enhancing the profitability of the growers and farmers.
Shahzad Ali Malik, Sitara-I-Imtiaz said private investment in the crop sector of agriculture registered high double-digit growth of 25.6pc which is close to 26pc real growth in the crop sector attracted last year while public...

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