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How women-owned small businesses can grow their online visibility - Moonshot News

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How women-owned small businesses can grow their online visibility

The current take on marketing can be described by a simple notion: Everyone’s a marketer. Marketing is a soft and hard skill everyone will deal with (if they aren’t already), just like writing or reading. Because if you have a social media account, manage a website for a local small business, or want to promote your support for a cause—it requires some marketing acumen, which everyone tinkers with on a more or less daily basis. As the world undergoes a notable digital shift—accelerated during the pandemic—we’re entering an era where almost all marketing is digital marketing, and the latter implies a deep understanding of the search landscape and SEO.

Despite this almost universal adoption and rapid acceleration, SEO, however, is a male-dominated field where almost 70% of the workforce identify as men.

Many SEO and digital marketing platforms understand the potential consequences of such disparity, as the industry may see:

  • Fewer marketing specialists (women are still underrepresented in STEM, and SEO is still regarded as a technical field, although it can be viewed as an aspect of a broader marketing program)
  • Fewer role models and mentors that are, in the opinion of many women in SEO, crucial for new generations of women entering the industry

That’s why many companies strongly support women entering SEO and other tech-related industries. For instance, Semrush recently donated $100K to the Girls Who Code...

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