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Google Analytics 4: How To Use It To Track Your SEO Efforts? - hackernoon.com

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I have worked for a few Internet Marketing Companies with 11 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Professional.

If you want to get the best possible results from your site's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, then you need to know how to use Google Analytics 4.

What is Google analytics 4? What does it do? How can it help? and Why do you need it? We'll answer these questions as we go along.

Summarily, as an important part of your site's search engine optimization strategy, Google Analytics 4 gives you the information to create an actionable plan to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Outlined below are steps to get started with Google Analytics 4 to track your website's performance and identify certain aspects that need improvement so that your business can succeed online.

1. Download and Add the Tracking Code

2. Get All the Details for Each Page Viewed

3. Review the Reports in Real Time

4. Create Custom Reports

5. Measure Engagement

6. Look at Acquisition and Behavior

7. Audience Reports

8. Analyze Mobile Users

9. Funnels Reports

10. Don't Forget to Set Up Goals

11. Try out Ecommerce Tracking

12. Check Out Advanced Segments Section

13. Use YouTube Engagement Reports

14. See What Works Across Channels

1. Download and Add the Tracking Code

Before using Google Analytics 4 to track your SEO efforts, you must ensure that it is set up correctly. First, download the tracking code from Google. Next, add the code to your website. You can do this manually or use a...

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