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Real estate is constantly evolving and so are the trends in technology. Today, when it comes to real estate, one of the biggest opportunities exists online. There’s one platform that can give you all the insights you need to keep your real estate business running effectively: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics platform run by Google. It’s an important tool for your real estate SEO that can provide valuable metadata on metrics and reports. Google Analytics can help you improve the performance of your website by providing insights into its users and their behavior.

Below we’ll detail how to use Google Analytics to improve your real estate business.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that provides detailed statistics and analytics to help optimize your website for search engine rankings and marketing purposes. It is part of the Google Marketing Platform, which offers additional tools such as Google AdWords, for free as long as you have a Google account.

Google Analytics uses page tags to collect data from visitors to a website. A small piece of code, called a JavaScript page tag, is embedded into each page of the site. This code runs in the web browser of each visitor and sends the visitor’s information to one of Google’s data collection servers.

What can Google Analytics do for real estate businesses?

When it comes to data tools, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and effective platforms available....

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