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Blogger’s Park: Perfecting the search for a vendor near you - The Financial Express

Last updated Tuesday, July 26, 2022 23:48 ET , Source: NewsService

By Shubhra Singh

The world is becoming exceedingly mobile, and customers are using smartphones for 90% of their online searches. They don’t just look for products or services; they want to procure them from within range — and use location-based search services to find the ideal vendor. This is where hyperlocal digital marketing kicks in.

Moving beyond flyers, banners, and print ads, local businesses are now deploying precise location targeting. Hyperlocal marketing tactics zero in on a targeted number of buyers who want to buy from businesses in their neighbourhood. SMBs and other local businesses and startups are deploying location-based keyword targeting, optimising Google My Business Page, and setting up hyperlocal ad campaigns to maximise their return on investment (RoI). However, there is still a huge untapped opportunity as digital technologies make location awareness and geo-targeting more precise.

Near-me searches

The primary goal of hyperlocal digital marketing is to drive buyer traffic to physical locations and online channels and capitalise on near-me searches, which have a strong purchase intent. Near-me searches have become a prominent element for elevating organic search results and also offer support to the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Increasingly, users are expecting local search results to take precedence over wider search results. Users expect search engines to automatically track their location while serving results. There has been a seismic shift...

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