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Four factors that may negatively affect your e-commerce SEO — Retail Technology Innovation Hub - Retail Technology Innovation Hub

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Sometimes websites experience a sudden drop in SEO rankings, which can happen for various reasons.

You cannot always avoid this, but you can certainly minimise SEO errors and work on e-commerce success. Investing in SEO is a valuable investment that makes you more visible to your target audience.

It’s terrifying when an error brings down a website for even a few hours. If you are struggling to increase your rankings, keep reading.

Here are the four things you can do to boost your website, fix these mistakes, and maximize your online presence.

Eliminate duplicate content

Duplicate content is content on a website that completely matches the content on other websites or is very similar to it. If you have a significant amount of duplicated content on your website, it will affect your site rankings negatively.

Duplicate content also means that you have created new pages on your website that are similar to the other existing pages on the internet (like the H1 tags or the title). As a result, it becomes difficult for a search engine to determine what to feature in the result pages.

Content rankings drop when Google chooses between matching content. Although this is not technically a penalty, it’s a mistake you must fix to improve your rankings.

Multiple pieces of identical or similar content in more than one place make it difficult for search engines to decide which version is more relevant.

When preserving your brand reputation and writing original content that is not copied...

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