Saturday, October 1, 2022

Here Are a Few Ways to Make $100000+ from Your Bedroom in the next 12 Months - Medium

Last updated Wednesday, July 27, 2022 04:08 ET , Source: NewsService

“There are people selling $20K+ per year memberships for a Facebook group and weekly zoom calls.”

The internet has put bosses on notice.

More people are realizing they can come home from work and build their future career, permissionlessly, online. That’s what I did and I’m just a normal guy from Australia with Koalas in his backyard.

I spend far too much time working out what people are doing in their bedrooms late at night (naughty, I know!). Many people in my community have built and are on their way to building $100k+ a year side hustles.

Here are a few ways they are doing it. One might be an idea for you.

Sell reshares of content

I don’t currently do this, but I know lots of people who do.

Without too much effort you can build an audience on any social media platform. Then you can offer to reshare other people’s content to help their accounts grow in return for money.

The reason this is so effective is that buying traditional ad placements (like Facebook ads) costs a lot of money — and you only rent the audience. Paying for reshares allows a person to access someone else’s audience and convert them to their own followers/subscribers.

Rent to own instead of rent forever.

A handful of clients paying you $40 per reshare can easily earn you $100k in a year if you stick at it.

The one limitation is you can’t promote this service on social media apps or you’ll get banned. So you have to enter online communities in Discord and Slack to find people who want their work...

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