Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Free Industrial Website SEO Reports till August 31 - Green Cincinnati News

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Lohre & Associates Industrial Marketing will offer free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Scores and Reports through the month of August.

These search engine optimization reports outline all of the less-seen technical SEO issues as we focus heavily on the SEO benefits of good design, good server configuration, and good programming. If your site, server, or content is mis-configured there is a very good chance that all of your other investments in SEO will be wasted. We are happy to help put you on the right course with your SEO, because we believe that experiencing our level of service and dedication to excellence will encourage your company to use us for other marketing services.

How can a free SEO report be more useful than hiring an “SEO” agency?

A lot of other SEO agencies advertise that they do SEO, but typically they are not actually optimizing anything save for some minor content tweaks as recommended by Yoast or similar tools. Instead they focus on link building, a practice often looked down on by Google and other search engines. This practice, even when done properly can actually hurt your SEO score if it is noticed by search’s increasingly-strict algorithms. Link building is merely Search Engine Manipulation. Using “pay for play” websites for technical articles, spamming websites and comment sections, writing blog owners in hopes of getting a guest post with a link are some of the strategies that can come back to haunt a website in the long run.

Is link...

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