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A Guide to Marketing for Small Law Firms - JD Supra

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Marketing can look different based on the size of the law firm. The unfortunate truth is that big law firms have much more time, resources, and experience to market in significant ways. That doesn’t mean that small firms can’t compete, though. In fact, small firms can capitalize on specific tactics to create a successful, sustainable marketing plan. Here’s what you need to know about marketing for small law firms.

What are the Challenges of Marketing for Small Firms?

Marketing is often more difficult for firms that are not as established. This makes sense – small companies simply can’t do what large organizations can do. Specifically, small law firms tend to experience:

  • A lack of resources – Small firms may not have an in-house marketer or a full-time employee. Effective marketing requires time, technology, and close attention to budgets and campaign performance. Without these resources, newer firms are at a disadvantage.
  • Lower budgets – Traditionally, small businesses have a tighter budget to adhere to. When it comes to digital marketing, many attorneys are not as familiar with the tactics and don’t want to experiment using their limited dollars.
  • Competition from larger firms – Chances are, your small firm is up against larger companies that have more brand recognition and a more authoritative digital presence. This can make it difficult to be discoverable on digital channels.

Steps for Small Law Firm Marketing

Since budgets are limited, and your small firm needs...

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