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Miftah launches Pakistan’s first digital mutual fund aggregator - Pkrevenue.com

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KARACHI: Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Friday launched Pakistan’s first digital mutual fund aggregator namely ‘Emlaak Financials’.
The launching ceremony was held at Central Depository Company (CDC) House Karachi. This platform has been successfully implemented as a digital distribution channel initially for Mutual Funds and later on for other asset classes also.
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The Pilot project for Emlaak was initially launched in 2021 for the Sahulat account opening via the platform, after which CDC has continued to abide by its commitment to collaborate with the Mutual Fund Industry for enhancing the platform.
The full-fledged account opening feature has now been launched via this online investment portal which is the first of its kind in Pakistan allowing multiple funds from different AMCs to be offered to investors through a single platform.
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While officiating the event, Honorable Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Dr. Miftah Ismail said, “Emlaak Financials, which has been implemented as a digital aggregator of Mutual Funds, is a very important and timely initiative by SECP and very well executed by CDC.
“It is very important for our economy that we should introduce such novel concepts which will promote the investment culture in Pakistan and provide an easy and informative platform to the investors thus...

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