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This is the Most Powerful Way to Support Local Business - MIX 106 Radio

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Question: how many times have you come across a review that trashes a company you patronize and love?

Google, Yelp, Reddit, social media, and every other soapbox platform are practically bursting at the seams with negative reviews. Good businesses fail prey to impossible-to-please customers, Negative Nancies, and Karens on a manager manhunt more than most realize.

A terrible customer's bogus or otherwise unwarranted review can singlehandedly wreck a hardworking business owner's reputation. If there's one thing to protect in business, it's your good name. Once your reputation is marred, it can be impossible to repair.

So what's a fantastic small or local business owner to do?

In truth, not much. Filing a claim regarding an unfair or untrue review doesn't guarantee it will be removed. Despite their best efforts to reclaim their good name, many an upstanding business owner has lost the battle and the war when it comes to nastygrams.

That's where decent, responsible, and kindhearted consumers step in. Research shows positive reviews are critical to a company's brand and longevity. Positive reviews go a long way in reviving a dire digital footprint.

The Power of Positive Reviews

  • They boost an organization's search engine optimization/SEO; this is huge for small businesses!
  • Groovy reviews attract groovy customers and clients! When someone's crazy for a brand, their love for it tends to be infectious!
  • The bones of any brand are built by authentic customer and client...

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