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Why You Should Target Zero Search Volume Keyword - Search Engine Journal

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Many online businesses ignore keywords with zero search volume because they think no one is searching for that term.

While it may be true that there is minimal search volume, online businesses in saturated markets can easily target these keywords and dominate a search space without much competition.

What Are Zero Search Volume Keywords?

Zero search volume keywords are hyper-focused long tail queries for which tools cannot provide data on search history, or have low search volume.

These queries are typically longer than keywords with high search volumes and are extremely specific.

The keyword “link building” has hundreds of thousands of searches.

If you narrow the search term (i.e., get more specific in your query), the competition gets lighter and lighter.

For example, the query “link building for beauty salon” has zero search volume – but it’s a question that may be asked by users doing SEO for a beauty salon and, thus, worth optimizing for.

What Is the Difference Between Long Tail and Zero Search Volume Keywords?

Zero search volume keywords are the same as long tail search queries, which usually contain at least four words.

Users can phrase these queries in many different ways. So, while each question asked separately has nearly zero search volume – all of them combined have considerable search...

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