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Government has Telenor’s back? - Profit by Pakistan Today

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Telenor Pakistan is set to benefit from the recent announcement of the Spectrum Auction Advisory Committee (SAAC) to auction the 2100 MHz band. As per the official statement by PTA, “The committee unanimously decided to go for auction of 2100 MHz band in 5, 5 MHz bandwidth for 10 years using the current consultant’s report at net present value.”
Last month, the 15-member SAAC was constituted by the Federal cabinet to oversee the spectrum auction process. The inaugural meeting was headed by the Finance Minister, Miftah Ismail, and included the Information Technology and Telecom Minister, Economic Affairs Minister, Commerce Minister, Power Minister, Coordinator to the PM on Commerce and Industry, and the PTA chairman amongst other members.
The auction pricing and structure will likely be advantageous for the Norwegian Telecom operator. As per sources, the other three major operators in the country, Jazz, Zong & Ufone, operate the 1800MHz band as the core for 4G services, unlike Telenor, which uses 2100 MHz.
PTCL’s Group president and chief executive, Hatem Bamatraf, in a board meeting last month, stated that Ufone wouldn’t be participating in the upcoming spectrum auction. However, he added that the terms of the new auction should remain the same to avoid partiality towards a specific operator. While Jazz and Zong already have a 20 MHz spectrum in the 2100 bandwidth, Ufone and Telenor have 10 MHz each.
The announcement comes after the meeting of the Norwegian ambassador...

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