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7 Smartphones that you can buy under 100k in Pakistan 2022 - TechJuice

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New phones are launched every day, and sometimes it can be confusing which phone to buy even if you have a good budget. Every company offers different pros and cons and every user has their own taste. But every article you read or review your watch suggests you a different story and your mind keeps diverging again and again.
So here we have a list of mid-tier range phones with their specs, price, and our honest verdict under Rs.100k. We know that 100k was not considered as the mid-range but due to inflation and rising tech prices, we can only get mid-range phones in the Rs.100k mark
Samsung Galaxy A53
Price: ~Rs.95,000
Samsung just recently launched its new A series lot in Pakistan which had six devices in it. Samsung Galaxy A53 was also included in that release. This phone almost has the latest Samsung specs which makes it even better than Samsung flagship phones if we compare them keeping the price tag in mind. They also had amazing color options and the overall design looks very minimal and professional.
Here are some of the specs of the Samsung Galaxy A53;
Processor: Exynos 1280 | 5nm | LPDDR4
Display: 6.5 inches Full HD AMOLED Display
ROM: 128GB
Battery: 5000mAh | 25-watt fast charging capacity
Rear Camera: 60mp main sensor | 12mp ultra wide| 10mp depth sensor| 10mp macro sensor.
Front Camera: 32mp Punch Hole Selfie-Camera
Micro SD: 1 terabyte
Colors Available: Light Blue | White | Orange | Black
Other Features: In-display Finger Sensor and Face-id Unlock,...

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