Sunday, October 2, 2022

Pakistani Tech Firm 'Systems Limited' Gets the Forbes Asia's Best Under a Billion' Title - TechJuice

Last updated Tuesday, August 23, 2022 03:00 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Forbes recently published its list of the best billion-dollar revenue companies in the Asia-Pacific region. The list included a lot of names from different countries such as India, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, etc, only one company from Pakistan was able to make its place on the list and that was ‘Systems Limited’. A public technology company involved in mortgage, Apparel, Retail and BPO businesses while also serving as a parent to many well-known companies around the world.
This was not the first time Systems Limited was included in the list, the company for three consecutive years has been winning the title. While getting a place in Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion is one thing, Systems Limited also went on to secure a place in the sub-list of 75 returnees that showed excellent performance in all testing thresholds and metrics.
Now, this is something exceptional, and only proves the amount of consistency, hard work and planning the company has invested in itself. Founded in 1977 by Aezaz Hussain, the company is currently headed by CEO Asif Peer.
CEO Asif Peer, while speaking about the achievement, said, “Systems Limited has created a thriving ecosystem that consistently meets outstanding performance metrics. It gives me immense pleasure that Systems Limited is the only IT company hailing from Pakistan that has been recognized by Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion company three times, consecutively. This great honor is monumental to Systems Limited’s sustainability...

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