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The mainstreaming of the tote bag - Profit by Pakistan Today

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You get to Imtiaz for your weekly shopping. Or if you’re in Lahore instead of Karachi, maybe you go to Al-Fatah. You lock your car and go inside. Everything is working smoothly as you get your trolley and thread your way through the aisles.
A couple of hours later you’ve successfully checked off your entire list. There wasn’t a big rush, you managed to get a small treat for yourself and now you’ll be home in time for lunch.
As the cashier checks out your items, he asks a dreaded question.
“Bag add karna hai?”
That is when you remember … you forgot your shopping tote bag at home again. You know, the big cloth ones that supermarkets give out to be seen as environmentally friendly after the government has banned plastic. You look at your shopping haul and realise you can’t carry it in your arms, so you reluctantly agree. At home, you unload your groceries and stuff the tote bag into the same drawer where all of your other tote bags are kept. Next time, you think, next time I won’t forget. Except you will, and you’ll pay for another tote back and the vicious cycle will continue.
Of course, even if you managed to remember your tote bag every time, it would take 54 years of using an organic cotton tote nearly 20,000 times to offset the environmental impact of production. These tote bags in grocery stores, and the concept of tote bags in general, is a strange one.
Because these once very practical inventions have now also become fashionable items to carry around, with tote bag...

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