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Aftermath Apes Purchases Private Virtual Community Island in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse - EIN News

Last updated Tuesday, August 30, 2022 15:08 ET , Source: NewsService

The estate island will be home to the Aftermath Apes community and a host of other on-island events and experiences

Aftermath Apes, an independent collection of 4,000 NFTS across the Ethereum Blockchain, generated from over 80+ hand-drawn and Unique Traits, has partnered with blockchain-based virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a Barbados-based company, to expand their shrewdness by offering a fun and exciting opportunity for users to acquire Virtual Land on a 1,000-plot Aftermath Islands community that is among Aftermath Islands’ first private island programs.

Aftermath Apes NFT holders are being given the first opportunity to purchase virtual plots and parcels of land within this community, and initial sales of these pieces of virtual land have already commenced and received an enthusiastically positive response from the community.

Aftermath Apes chose the Ethereum Blockchain as it has a large existing network. The Ethereum Network is the second largest blockchain in the world providing buyers and sellers vast exposure to a growing market. Unlike other blockchains, Ethereum can do more than just store data; it can also execute smart contracts seamlessly, which is essential to NFT projects. The Ethereum community is one of the most innovative communities out there, and Ethereum is committed to always come up with new ways to improve their network to further the possibilities for creators working on the blockchain.

According to Citi, the Metaverse may be...

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