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Next month, I will speak on a panel at the Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville. The panel will cover the many benefits of creating a legal blog transcending thought leadership, including creating downloadable assets to build leads, powerful testimonials for marketing content, SEO benefits, and more.

When I started my business, I was very low on cash. I wanted to publicize my business, so I started blogging. Blogs provide helpful information and are an excellent opportunity to offer content that attracts potential clients and produces great search engine results.

Here’s how you can start blogging:

Figure Out What Questions To Answer

To attract a particular client, write a blog centered around their needs. If you’re unsure what keywords to target, do some research. Resources are available that can show you what keywords are trending or frequently used. Once you’ve identified these keywords, you can create content that incorporates those phrases.

I used a search tool called Keywords Everywhere to find common search terms about estate planning on Google or YouTube. Don’t assume what questions a client wants answering. Instead, look at the data the Internet provides on frequent search terms.

For example, I’d compare the results of searching for “texas estate planning” vs. “texas wills.” As of this writing, the keywords “texas estate planning” has 170 searches per month, and the keywords “texas wills” has 1,000 searches per month; this means that more people (almost tenfold)...

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